Red Rock

Red Rock property is located at the intersections of three major gold trends:

The Battle Mountain Eureka Gold Trend a prolific gold belt containing at least 50 million known ounces of gold.

The Rabbit Creek Gold Trend a gold belt containing at least 40 million known ounces of gold.

The Caetano Caldera Trend a major crustal break that helped localize approximately 30+ million known ounces of gold.

Exploration activities include: rock, soil and sagebrush geochemical sampling, geologic mapping, gravity and CSAMT geophysical surveys and drilling. Rock and soil geochemical sampling resulted in the recognition of a 6.5 kilometer (4 mi) gold anomaly containing up to 1.2 g Au/t in soils with corresponding rock values to 3.29 g Au/t. Both geologic mapping and gravity geophysical data has defined a major northwest-trending structural zone that is considered the conduit for metal bearing fluids. Gravity and CSAMT data has enhanced the location of the structural zone along with defining numerous cross structures. Two historic drill holes located in the eastern part of the property intersected lower plate Roberts Mountains Formation (the host rock for many Carlin-type gold deposits) at a depth of 439 m (1,440 ft) and 445 m (1,460 ft). The principal potential of the Red Rock property is for a large Carlin-type gold deposit hosted in lower plate carbonate lithologies in or adjacent to favorable structural zones.